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Group of enthusiastic school kids holding banners and collection boxes, gearing up for their school fundraiser event.

Raise funds to make a difference

Partnering with Re:Source Fundraising can give you the boost you need to raise funds from the ground up.

Types of Products You Can Sell

Take a look at what your participants can sell to raise funds for your organization. Contact for a complete, updated catalogue of products offered.

Crossroads Candles
Assorted scents including lilac, roses, cookie crumble, & brown sugar frosting
BrickHouse Roastery Beans & K-Cups
Regular & Decaf offerings available in various roasts
Triple Processed Mulch
Available in black, red, or brown
Shirleys Gourmet Popcorn Company Popcorn
Various flavors including, original, cheese, and salted caramel
Sara's Sweets Cupcakes
Various flavors including Fall Mix & PB Lovers

This year's fundraising goals


of sales
given back





How to host a fundraiser

Step 1: Apply
Use our simple online application and our team will respond within 24 hours
Step 2: Promote
Raise awareness for the fundraiser by posting online or sharing the link with friends.
Step 3: Earn
Your community will purchase quality landscape materials or gift cards and other products, and you keep 30% of the sales!

Types of fundraisers

Take a look at the organizations that we have partnered with.

K-12 Schools
PTAs/PTOs, STEM Clubs, Senior Prom, Band, Choir, Ensemble, etc.
Non-Profit Groups, Clubs, Troops and Universities
Dance Troops, Boy/Girl Scouts, Gymnastics, Intramural Sports, Greek Life, etc.
Youth Sports Teams
Football, Baseball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Basketball, Softball, Cheerleading, etc.
Partner with Re:Source

Launch your fundraiser today

The process is easy to navigate—start earning ASAP!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 100% ONLINE SALES: By using this site, students and sellers do not need to collect money or keep order sheets. All sales are completed online.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA SELLING: By using social media marketing, sellers are able to reach a wide customer base.
  • GUARANTEED PAYMENT COLLECTION: All sales are paid in advance through our payment system
  • EASY TRACKING OF SALES: All sales are tracked back to the seller and campaign for easy tracking and distribution.
  • LOCAL CUSTOMER SERVICE. All products are locally sourced and customer service is available throughout the campaign.
  • MIX AND MATCH VARIOUS PRODUCTS FOR EACH FUNDRAISER: Administrators can choose from a variety of products and offer them together as one fundraiser.
  • 30% PROFIT on all items sold.

Administrator (Host) of the Fundraiser

  • Create an account and request to start a campaign.
  • Login and select products to be offered.
  • Market the campaign to the sellers and community.
  • Send email invites to sellers (email will contain a unique, auto-generated link for each seller)
  • Administrator coordinates and manages all distribution of products to the customers.


  • Accept email invitation and log in to fundraiser.
  • Invite customers to purchase by sending emails to friends and family and be posting the unique link on any and all social media sites.


  • Click on link in email to enter the online store
  • Select products and quantities to add to cart
  • Checkout using “Amazon-type” checkout portal.
  • Receive confirmation email of purchase.
  • Pick up products on the date selected by the Non-profit/Fundraising Administrator.


  • Provides the online products for sale for each season of the year.
  • Collects all funds through the online store.
  • Coordinates the delivery of the products sold to the drop site specified by the administrator of the campaign.
  • Distributes the fundraising profits to the Non-profit or fundraising entity. All products have a 30% profit for the Fundraising Campaign.

PLEASE CONTACT US AT: to request a complete, updated catalogue of all products offered.

RE:SOURCE Fundraisers offers seasonal products for fundraising campaigns in Spring, Fall and Winter.

Re:Source Mulch (Springtime only):
– Bags of Mulch
Re:Source Mulch (All Year Round)
– $30 Gift Cards (Redeemed at Re:Source only),
– $100 Gift Cards (Redeemed at Re:Source only)
Shirley’s Popcorn: (Check for blackout dates)
– Large, seasonal bags of Popcorn
Sara’s Sweets: (Check for blackout dates)
– 6 pack seasonal gourmet cupcakes
Brickhouse Coffee Company (All Year Round)
– 16 oz bags of ground and/or whole bean gourmet coffee
– 12 Pack Brew Kups
Crossroads Candle Company (All Year Round)
– 16 oz and 48 oz premier, seasonal candles
Elida Candle Co. (All Year Round)
– Cozy 16 oz Vintage Soy Jar
MUMS (Fall Only) – Mums should be delivered between September 15th and September 25th:
– Seasonal mums – variety of colors
PUMPKINS (Fall Only):
– Seasonal Pumpkins – variety of sizes (Orange and White)

For MULCH BAGS, there is a minimum of 1000 bags to qualify for delivery.

There is no minimum order for Gift Cards.

All Fundraisers must be approved by and our affiliate suppliers.


30% of all sales will go toward your campaign.

All orders must be placed FOUR WEEKS before the delivery date.

Start by clicking the “Host A Fundraiser” button above and filling out the form with your information.

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