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Raise funds to make a difference

Partnering with Re:Source can give you the boost you need to raise funds from the ground up.

This year’s fundraising goals


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How to host a fundraiser

Step 1: Apply
Use our simple online application and our team will respond within 24 hours
Step 2: Promote
Raise awareness for the fundraiser by posting online or sharing the link with friends.
Step 3: Earn
Your community will purchase quality landscape materials or gift cards and other products, and you keep 30% of the sales!

Types of fundraisers

Take a look at the organizations that we have partnered with.
K-12 Schools
PTAs/PTOs, STEM Clubs, Senior Prom, Band, Choir, Ensemble, etc.
Non-Profit Groups, Clubs, Troops and Universities
Dance Troops, Boy/Girl Scouts, Gymnastics, Intramural Sports, Greek Life, etc.
Youth Sports Teams
Football, Baseball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Basketball, Softball, Cheerleading, etc.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 100% ONLINE SALES: By using this site, students and sellers do not need to collect money or keep order sheets. All sales are completed online.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA SELLING: By using social media marketing, sellers are able to reach a wide customer base.
  • GUARANTEED PAYMENT COLLECTION: All sales are paid in advance through our payment system
  • EASY TRACKING OF SALES: All sales are tracked back to the seller and campaign for easy tracking and distribution.
  • LOCAL CUSTOMER SERVICE. All products are locally sourced and customer service is available throughout the campaign.
  • MIX AND MATCH VARIOUS PRODUCTS FOR EACH FUNDRAISER: Administrators can choose from a variety of products and offer them together as one fundraiser.
  • 30% PROFIT on all items sold.

Administrator (Host) of the Fundraiser

  • Create an account and request to start a campaign.
  • Login and select products to be offered.
  • Market the campaign to the sellers and community.
  • Send email invites to sellers (email will contain a unique, auto-generated link for each seller)
  • Administrator coordinates and manages all distribution of products to the customers.


  • Accept email invitation and log in to fundraiser.
  • Invite customers to purchase by sending emails to friends and family and be posting the unique link on any and all social media sites.


  • Click on link in email to enter the online store
  • Select products and quantities to add to cart
  • Checkout using “Amazon-type” checkout portal.
  • Receive confirmation email of purchase.
  • Pick up products on the date selected by the Non-profit/Fundraising Administrator.


  • Provides the online products for sale for each season of the year.
  • Collects all funds through the online store.
  • Coordinates the delivery of the products sold to the drop site specified by the administrator of the campaign.
  • Distributes the fundraising profits to the Non-profit or fundraising entity. All products have a 30% profit for the Fundraising Campaign.

RE:SOURCE Fundraisers offers seasonal products for fundraising campaigns in Spring, Fall and Winter.

Re:Source Mulch (Springtime only):
– Black Velvet (1.5 CF bags) —$5
– Brown Velvet (1.5 CF bags) — $5
– Red Natural (2.0 CF bags) —$5
– $30 Gift Cards (Redeemed at Re:Source only),
– $100 Gift Cards (Redeemed at Re:Source only)
Shirley’s Popcorn:
– Buckeye (Lg. Bag) — $20
– Windy City (Lg. Bag) — $20
– Dark Salted Caramel (Lg. Bag) — $20
Sara’s Sweets:
– Best Sellers 6 Pack Cupcakes — $22
– PB Lovers 6 Pack Cupcakes — $22
– Fall Mix 6 Pack Cupcakes — $22
Elida Candle Co.:
– Cozy 16 oz Vintage Soy Jar — $20
– Pumpkin Pecan Waffles 16 oz Vintage Soy Jar — $20
– Christmas Hearth 16 oz Vintage Soy Jar — $20
MUMS (Fall Only) – Mums should be delivered between September 15th and September 25th:
– Red 9″ mums — $12
– Yellow 9″ mums — $12
– White 9″ mums — $12
PUMPKINS (Fall Only):
– Large Orange Jack-O-Lantern-sized — $9.50
– Small Orange Pie-sized — $6
– Medium-sized White — $8

For MULCH BAGS, there is a minimum of 1000 bags to qualify for delivery.

There is no minimum order for Gift Cards.

All Fundraisers must be approved by and our affiliate suppliers.


30% of all sales will go toward your campaign.

All orders must be placed FOUR WEEKS before the delivery date.

Start by clicking the “Host A Fundraiser” button above and filling out the form with your information.

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