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Sara’s Sweets BEST SELLERS 6 pack Cupcakes


Each cupcake is baked fresh, filled, and frosted within 24 hours of the product delivery date. Red Velvet (1) – red velvet cake w/ mini choc chips mixed in, cream cheese frosting, mini choc chip topping. Confetti (1) – white cake flavored w/ almond extract, rainbow sprinkles mixed in, vanilla buttercream. Vanilla Raspberry (1) – vanilla cake flavored w/ almond extract, raspberry filling, vanilla buttercream, rasp candy. Buckeye (1)chocolate cake, buckeye truffle center, PB buttercream, mini buckeye. Brownie Batter (1) – chocolate cake, brownie truffle center, brownie batter buttercream, hot fudge drizzle, brownie bits. Monster Cookie (1) – oatmeal-m&m cookie bottom, vanilla choc chip cake, PB buttercream, rolled in mini m&m’s. 

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